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Welcome To Junko Inu Community.

Junko Inu is The First Child of shiba inu's cousin (First Cousin), he grew up with his uncle : "Shiba Inu" due to some issues Junko's family faced as a kid. Junko inu presently takes Shiba inu as his uncle, Mentor, Godfather & The father he never had as a kid.

Community Based Shiba Inu's cousine child Project

Join our community to express your love for memes.

WHY Junko Inu ?

KYC Done

Kyc done by IDO Presales, because its one of the reputable KYC firms in the crypto Space.

Liquidity Locked

Liquidity locked for Two years using DXsale Liquidity Locker.

Junko Inu P2E Game

Junko Inu P2E game is under development, will be release in some coming months.

15% Burned

15% of total supply Burned Before Launch.

Locked Team Tokens

Team Wallet Controls 5% of total supply which is locked, and will be unlocked after every one month via vesting.

BSC Network

Deployed On Binance Smart Chain, #The Future Of NFTs.

Junko Rider Game

Token Metrics

10% will be deducted per each Transaction in Junko Inu Economy, 2% of deducted will be added to liquidity, 3% to holders wallet(as a reward for holding junko inu Token) in BUSD and 5% for Marketing, Management and Buyback which will protect the project from massive dump.


Junko-Inu Token Initial total Supply is Two-Hundred And Eighty Trillion, after the initial burn(15%) it is now at Two-Hundred And Thirty Eight Trillion - Range. Junko Inu has no mint function(Deflationary). and there is a Buyback function that aims to be called each time the price dips, for the purpose of increasing the token price value in the future.

Initial Burn: 15% | Holders 41% | Liquidity 29% | Cex Listing 3% | Team: 5% | Marketing 6% | Airdrop: 1%.


Phase 1

  • Founders Meeting ✔️
  • Idea Validation ✔️
  • Complete Market Analysis ✔️
  • Platform setup ✔️
  • Token deployment ✔️
  • Massive Marketing campaign ✔️
  • Smart Contract Audit ✔️
  • Kyc By IdoPresales ✔️
  • Privatesale ✔️
  • Presale On DXsale ✔️
  • Listing On Pancakeswap ✔️

Phase 2

  • Creation Of V2 SmartContract✔️
  • Parallel Migration of V1 To V2 SmartContract✔️
  • NFT Cards Give aways ✔️
  • Play To Earn Game MVP✔️
  • Listing On XT Exchange⏳
  • Aggressive Marketing campaign✔️
  • V2 CMC listing⏳
  • V2 CG Listing⏳
  • Massive Marketing campaign✔️
  • Listing On Another Cex Exchange⏳
  • Three(3) Million Market Cap⏳
  • Few Apple Products Giveaway To Community Members⏳

Phase 3

  • Play To Earn Game Testnet⏳
  • Ambassadorship Application Forms✔️
  • Second NFT Givaway Event⏳
  • Launching On Another DEX/Cex⏳
  • More Marketing⏳
  • More Listing⏳
  • Massive Marketing campaign⏳
  • P2E Game Mainnet V1⏳

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